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Student Life

Faculty on a tour is designed for prospective graduate and professional students. You will see how the faculty, facilities, students and life flows

Event and Traditions

The Faculty of Technology grows and nourishes  with a smart  and unique culture of its own 

The Technology Programme was inaugurated at the FASc in January 2017.  Despite the commencement of these programmes under FASc, a separate Faculty of Technology was established in with five departments 



Student Activities

Students  of the  Faculty organize  and participates in number of vivid activities.  All the students cooperatively engage in their  academic activities as well as in wide scope of  workshops, welfare activities,  entertainment activities and games

Social Life

University life offers an amazing platform for all the students to learn,understand and experience the challenges, drawbacks and achievements on their paths

The Faculty Experience


The Faculty encourages the students to engage in sports  since it supports them a lot to stay  healthy and stay focused to perform well in their academics

Arts & Culture

The Faculty would open a stage for the students talents to come forward

Information Technology

All the students are provided with the knowledge of Information Technology. Different course modules are organized for each different Department based on their application and usage 

Our goal is to be the best  Faculty of Technology and produce productive well nourished graduates to the global indusrty