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The Department of Materials Technology aims to empower students by giving them the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the modern industrial environment. We strongly believe in the need to complement theoretical knowledge with hands-on skills to produce a well-rounded and technically competent graduate.  Currently the Materials Technology offers a Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree in Materials Technology

The degree program provide theoretical and practical training in following areas
  • Metallurgy
  • Ceramics
  • Polymers

Students have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge through:

  • Projects where students will employ design, manufacturing and analysis skills
  • Machine shop sessions where they will learn a wide variety of techniques such as use of basic tools, metal forming, machining, CNC etc.
  • Ceramic pilot plant complete with latest industrial equipment.

Additionally they also have the opportunity to experience actual industrial implementation of the skills they gain at the university through industrial visits and workshops conducted by guests from different industries.

The department will also provide training in advance analytical techniques to the students.  This will include

  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • UV-Visible spectroscopy
  • FTIR
  • X-ray Diffraction

In addition to technical skills the program also pays strong emphasis on Management and Communication skills as well. Throughout the academic program students are evaluated on their presentation skills and, HR and Management courses are compulsory components of the curriculum.

The graduates of the degree programme are expected to have theoretical and practical knowledge essential to material production in an industrial setting. They will possess essential skills in material synthes testing, and synthesis engineering design,