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Department of Materials Technology


Dr. H.A.N Dharmagunawardhane
Head, Senior Lecturer (G.ll)

Materials Technology…


The Department of Materials Technology aims to empower students by giving them the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the modern industrial environment. We strongly believe in the need to complement theoretical knowledge with hands-on skills to produce a well-rounded and technically competent graduate.  Currently, the Materials Technology offers a Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree in Materials Technology




To emerge as a prominent establishment for achieving excellence in education, conducting innovative research, and providing high-level technological services, in the field of Materials Technology.

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Our Courses

Our Staff


To emerge as a prominent establishment for Materials Technology by,

  • Conducting innovative research that directly contributes to the improvement of industrial products as well as to the enhancement of public well-being.
  • Facilitate high-level Technological services to the private and public sectors in order to support national development in general while upholding regional development in particular.
  • Providing first-rate academic education in up-to-date engineering technologies for materials synthesis, testing, fabrication, and manufacturing while also emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our Research and Developments

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