Department of Materials Technology

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Curriculum of the Degree Program

Courses Offered

Year 1 - Semester I

CMT 1301 -Fundamentals of Physics for Technology
CMT 1302 -Fundamentals of Chemistry for Technology
CMT 1303 -Fundamentals of Mathematics for Technology
CMT 1304 -Fundamentals of Computer for Technology
CML 1201 -Personality Development
CML 1202 -Presentation Skills
CMT 1005 -Communication Skills I (English)

Year 2 - Semester I

MTT 2201 -Fundamentals of Solid State Physics
MTT 2202 -Chemistry for Materials Technology
MTT 2203 -Introduction to Ceramic Technology
MTT 2204 -Computer Aided Design (CAD)
CMT 2306 -Mathematics for Technology II
CMT 2301 -Fundamentals of Statistics for Technology
CML 2201 -Social Sciences and Humanities 2 C CST
CML 2206 -Indigenous Technology
CML 2202 -Engineering Economics
CMT 2002 -Communication Skills III
ICT 2304 -Object Oriented Programming
MTT 2206 -Graphical Programming

Year 3 - Semester I

MTT3308 -Polymer Technology I
MTT3307 -Metallurgy I
MTT3306 -Ceramic Technology II
MTT3202 -Degradation of Materials
MTT3103 -Ceramic Pilot Plant Practices
MTT3204 -Workshop Technology II
MTT3212 -Non Destructive Testing of Materials
MTT3111 -Thermodynamics for Materials Technology
CML3101 -Legal and Patent aspects

Year 4 - Semester I

MTT4201 -Fluid Mechanics
MTT4121 -Research Methodology and Scientific Writing
MTT4303 -Ceramic Technology III
MTT4219 -Applied Mechanics
MTT4104 -Glass Technology
MTT4305 -Polymer Technology II
MTT4106 -Mineral Processing
MTT4307 -Metallurgy II
MTT4820 -Research Project (Continue in 4-2)
MTT4108 -Directed Reading
MTT4109 -Seminar
MTT4210 -Work Shadowing
CML4201 -Entrepreneurship
CML4202 -Human Resource Management

Year 1 - Semester II

ENT 1301 -Introduction to Basic Electronics
ENT 1302 -Fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism
CMT 1307 -Mathematics for Technology I
CMT 1208 -Computer Programming for Technology
ENT 1204 -Workshop Technology I
CML 1203 -Principles of Management
CML 1204 -Health and Wellbeing
CMT 1009 -Communication Skills II
ENT 1203 -Engineering Drawing

Year 2 - Semester II

MTT 2210 -Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MTT 2311 -Ceramic Technology I
MTT 2205 -Introduction to Metallurgy
MTT 2207 -Measurements, Error Analysis and Instrumentation
MTT 2108 -Chemical Engineering Sciences
MTT 2209 -Introduction to Polymer Technology
MTT 2112 -Introduction to Thermodynamics
CMT 2203 -Computational Mathematics
CML 2204 -Foreign Language
CML 2208 -Introduction to Marketing
CML 2205 -Ethics in Science and Technology
ICT 2206 -Multimedia and Web Technology 2

Year 3 - Semester II

CML 3102 -Industrial Safety
MTT 3609 -Industrial Training

Year 4 - Semester II

MTT4820 -Research Project
MTT4311 -Advanced Materials
MTT4312 -Advanced Instrumental Techniques and Characterization of Materials
MTT4213 -Manufacturing Systems
MTT4114 -Quality Management
MTT4215 -Cleaner Production
MTT4216 -Industrial Metrology
MTT4217 -Composite Materials
MTT4218 -Paint Technology

2015/2016 Course Curriculum

2016/2017 Course Curriculum

2017/2018 Course Curriculum