Dr.Pubudu Kumarage

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Dr.Pubudu Kumarage

PhD & MSc in Engineering, BSc In Engineering

Head of the Department
Senior Lecturer



Work Experience

Consultant Engineer AIUDP Project, Ministry of Megapolis and Urban Development

Teaching Programs and Modules

  • EET 3301 Electrical Machines
  • EET 3305 Control Systems
  • EET 3206 Automation Technology I
  • CMT 2203 Mathematical Methods & Computational Methods

Research Interest

Biomass Gasification, Mathematical Modelling of Thermo/Fluid phenomena, Design of micro-mechanical devices


Journal Papers

[1] R. Munas, G. Melroy, C. B. Abeynayake, H. L. Chathuranga, R. Amarasinghe, P. Kumarage, V. T. Dau,
D. V. Dao, Development of PZT Actuated Valveless Micropump, Sensors, MDPI, 18(5): 1302, 2018.

[2] P. Kumarage & P. D. Yapa, Modeling the Transport of Dissolved and Liquified Gases Released from
Hydrothermal Vent Sites, Journal of Hydro-Environment Research, Elsevier

[3] L. T. Premathilake, P. D. Yapa, I. D. Nissanka, P. Kumarage, Computing initial conditions for underwater gas releases by modeling the developing flow region, Journal of Marine Science and Applications,Springer, (2016)

[4] L. T. Premathilake, P. D. Yapa, I. D. Nissanka, P. Kumarage, Impact on water surface due to deep-water gas blowouts, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Elsevier, (2016)

Conference Papers

[1] S. Wanigasooriya, P. Kumarage, Real Time Monitoring of Water Consumption and Leak Detection of Domestic Water Supply, ICATMRI (IEEE), Buldana, India, 2020 (In Review)
[2] R. Munas, R. Amarasinghe, P. Kumarage, V. T. Dau, D. V. Dao, Design and Simulation of MEMS Based Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor for Microfluidic Applications, MERCon (IEEE), Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, 2018
[3] D. Cozian, P. Kumarage, P. Bilgi, T. Danielyan, Effective and Affordable Water Purification:An
instrument for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients in Anuradhapura, GHTC (IEEE) conference, San Jose,
USA, 2017
[3] P. Kumarage & P. D. Yapa, Modelling Ocean Acidification due to Release of CO2 Droplets from a
Hydrothermal System, IAHR-IWA joint committee on outfall systems, Ottawa, Canada, 2016
[4] S. Gamage, H. A. K. Madushan, A. T. D. Perera, P. Kumarage, Mathematical modelling and simulation
of a standalone solar thermal Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) with a thermal storage, IASTED International
Conference on Engineering and Applied Science
, Colombo, Sri Lanka, (2012)
[5] A. T. D. Perera, P. Kumarage, K. K. C. K. Perera, Optimal Design and Control of Multiple Boiler
Systems Using Fuzzy{Evolutionary Hybrid Algorithm, ICIIS (IEEE), Kandy, Sri Lanka, (2011)