Bachelor of Biosystems Technology Honours, BBST (Hons) in Bioprocess Technology

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At Bioprocess Technology, we chase the dream of a better tomorrow for all of us! Come join us to face the challenges of today envisioning them as opportunities, for we need to invent that tomorrow.

“The BBST (Hons) in Bioprocess Technology degree programme is offered under the Technology stream. This degree is designed to satisfy the market and industrial needs of the country. With the commencement of the National Biotechnology Industry Association (NBIA) in September 2016, University Grants Commission identified NBIA as the relevant professional body for this sector in Sri Lanka to accredit Biosystems Technology degree programmes. All these courses contain a minimum of 120 credits.”

Graduate Profile

Entry requirements

Minimum eligibility requirements for admission :
Passes for Biosystems Technology (BST), Science for Technology (SFT) and for third subject from among;
Home Economics
Communication and Media Studies
Information & Communication Technology
Business Studies
Agricultural Science

Course structure

This programme offers courses in the fields of

Molecular Biology
Bioinformatics etc.

With this unparalleled knowledge and experience, we envision to produce highly qualified graduates that would contribute to the advancement of research and development in the field of Bioprocess Technology.

How you study

In the first year, students will be introduced to the integrate program focusing on two overarching research areas, bioprocess technology and food technology.

Based on their preference and performance following the completion of the first year, students will be selected to specialize their degree program on wither bioprocess technology or food technology. In the final year students will specialize in the areas of bioprocess technology that interest them the most by undertaking their own research projects (dissertations). Learning will be provided through lectures, seminars, laboratory, industrial training (one semester int the third year), as well as problem solving projects. Our staff encourages students to do their final year project in industries and research institutes in Sri Lanka or abroad.

Career opportunities





Courses Offered Year 1 - Semester I

CMT 1301 Fundamentals of Physics for Technology
CMT 1302 Fundamentals of Chemistry for Technology
CMT 1303 Fundamentals of Mathematics for Technology
CMT 1304 Fundamentals of Computer for Technology
CMT 1005 Communication Skills I (English)
CMT 1306 Fundamentals of Biology for Technology
CML 1201 Personality Development
CML 1202 Presentation Skills

Courses Offered Year 2 - Semester I

BPT 2201 Quality Management
BPT 2202 Introduction to Bioprocess Technology
BPT 2203 Genetics and Evolution
BPT 2204 Plant Tissue Culture
BPT 2205 Molecular Biology
FDT 2202 Basic Biochemistry
CMT 2301 Fundamental of Statistics for Technology
CMT 2306 Mathematics for Technology II
CMT 2002 Communication Skills III
CML 2201 Social Sciences and Humanities
CML 2202 Engineering Economics
CML 2206 Indigenous Technology

Courses Offered Year 3 - Semester I

BPT 3201 Molecular Microbiology
BPT 3302 Bioinformatics
BPT 3203 Bioprocess Instrumentation and Control
BPT 3304 Molecular Modeling
BPT 3205 Bioprocess Optimization and Simulation
BPT 3206 Molecular Immunology and Current Applications
BPT 3207 Enzyme Technology
BPT 3208 Industrial Microbiology
CML 3101 Legal and Patent Aspects

Courses Offered Year 4 - Semester I

BPT 4301 Drug Designing
BPT 4302 Downstream Process Technology
BPT 4303 Bioremediation and Waste Management
BPT 4204 Molecular Virology
BPT 4205 Plant Cell Culture
BPT 4206 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
BPT 4207 Bio Product Development
CML 4201 Entrepreneurship
CML 4202 Human Resource Management

Courses Offered Year 1 - Semester II

BPT 1201 General Microbiology
BPT 1202 Cell Biology
FDT 1201 Organic Chemistry
CMT 1307 Mathematics for Technology I
CMT 1208 Computer Programming for Technology
CMT 1009 Communication Skills II
CML 1203 Principles of Management
CML 1204 Health and Wellbeing

Courses Offered Year 2 - Semester II

BPT 2206 Bioreactor Operation and Design
BPT 2207 Basic Immunology
BPT 2108 Quality Assurance and Safety of Bioprocessed Products
BPT 2209 Molecular Biotechnology
FDT 2305 Analytical Chemistry
CMT 2203 Computational Mathematics
CML 2204 Foreign Language
CML 2205 Ethics in Science and Technology
CML 2208 Introduction to Marketing

Courses Offered Year 3 - Semester II

BPT 3108 Seminar
BPT 3209 Scientific Writing
BPT 3610 Internship
CML 3102 Industrial Safety

Courses Offered Year 4 - Semester II

BPT 4808 Bioprocess Technology Project

Description of Course Codes
  • BPTBioprocess Technology              
  • FDTFood Technology                        
  • CMTCommon for Technology                
  • CMLComplimentary